Workshop: Giving and Getting Feedback

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Giving and receiving feedback, when done skillfully, is an act of compassionate leadership. As leaders, we take a stand for the growth of ourselves and others. We want to understand our impact and be open to new perspectives. We commit to offering feedback that helps our teammates grow. And yet both giving and receiving feedback is, for many, a topic that inspires dread. Janice Cunning and Margaret Katz Cann of Fundraising Leadership will present why feedback is an essential leadership skill.

They will take participants through the process, including these topics:
● Creating a culture of candor and feedback
● How to begin: asking for feedback
● How gossip gets in the way
● Offering more skillful feedback
● Filtering feedback … and deciding what to do with it

Janice Cunning

Fundraising Leadership

Janice Cunning is an experienced fundraising consultant, researcher, and certified professional Co-Active coach (CPCC, PCC) who specializes in nonprofit leadership development. As a coach, Janice is passionate about partnering with nonprofit leaders to help them create an inspired vision that transforms lives. In addition to her coaching work, Janice loves working with teams and facilitates a number of online courses and onsite workshops. Janice combines her coaching skills with 17 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She was previously a Senior Consultant at KCI, Canada’s largest fundraising consulting firm. An active volunteer, Janice was a founding director of Apra Canada and the second international member to serve on the international Apra board. Janice lives in Toronto with her husband Manish and their rescue dog Qui Qui. She loves to read and talk about books, especially with her book club.

Margaret Katz Cann

Fundraising Leadership

Margaret Katz Cann is a Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC, CPCC), specializing in executive fundraising and leadership coaching, board training and consulting. Margaret works with nonprofit executives to stop tripping over their ask, to connect to passion and leadership – and step into the world of compelling fundraising. Margaret is an experienced and joyful fundraiser, having spent 22 years at the Community Foundation Boulder County. She is passionate about the intersection of coaching with fundraising, and the way leaders who are willing and wanting to up their game can step away from anxiety and dread can step into their leadership as fundraisers for their organizations. Her nonprofit clients include executive directors, board members, and development staff, where she works with organizations to plan and then adds coaching to make the plans become reality. As a resident of Boulder, Colorado, Margaret – unoriginally – likes to play outside on her bike and on the trails (hiking and skiing), as well as practicing yoga.  She also enjoys reading fiction, cooking, and interesting conversations.


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Open to view video. Recorded on: 11/03/2022