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Apra Resources

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    FREE RESOURCE FOR APRA MEMBERS. Last updated February 2019. Developed by Apra volunteers in each area, this comprehensive tool helps individuals and their managers identify growth opportunities and ensure they have the knowledge and resources needed to excel in their current positions or assume new responsibilities at their organizations. The Body of Knowledge (BOK) also helps prospect development professionals demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge to those who are less familiar with their role.

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    FREE RESOURCE. Last updated June 2020. Requests for due diligence can be onerous and time consuming. If your organization does not already have a due diligence policy, the Due Diligence Toolkit will help you formulate your own. Additionally, if your organization already has a due diligence policy, this toolkit could suggest some improvements to your current policy and/or your current due diligence process.

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    FREE RESOURCE FOR APRA MEMBERS. Launched in early 2018, the Salary Survey was a comprehensive assessment of compensation, benefits, workload and more in the prospect development field. The report equips you with the information you need to advocate for your own compensation and benefits, set appropriate staffing levels at your organization, or simply see how you stack up in comparison to others. Join Apra today to access the 2018 Salary Survey for free.