Opening Remarks and Project Introduction - An Observational Study

Opening Remarks and Project Introduction - An Observational Study

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After a review of lessons learned from Day 1, Dr. Daniel Enos and Pavel Rutherford will discuss a Stanford University initiative being undertaken in Chile. Stanford Solutions is launching an observational study to validate an effective treatment that could halt the onset of renal failure in dialysis patients. The challenge will be to track the impact of the treatment as well as fund its subsequent clinical trials.

Dr. Enos will discuss the other issues tied to poor kidney health in Chile, as well as the issues that may be faced during the observational study itself.

Pavel Rutherford

Apra Data Science Committee Chair

Dr. Daniel Enos, MD

Medical Chief

Clínica Los Andes Los Angeles Biobio

Dr. Daniel Enos is a Chilean Nephrologist with more than 34 years of medical experience, hired in Víctor Rios Ruiz Hospital, Los Ángeles Biobio, Chile. He is an associate professor of Internal Medicine and Director of the Internal Medicine fellowship at Universidad de Concepción Chile. He is also in charge of Interns education of San Sebastián University from Concepción too, as the Campus Los Ángeles of the University. In addition, Dr. Enos works in a private  General Intensive Care Unit as the Medical Chief at Clínica Los Andes Los Angeles Biobio. 

Dr. Michael Chen, MD

Director of Pediatric Neuroanesthesia

Stanford Children's Hospital

Dr. Michael Chen is an Associate Professor at Stanford also co-founder of Stanford Solutions, a domestic and international health equity program. Dr. Chen is the Director of Pediatric Neuroanesthesia and also serves as Chairs Pharmacy & Therapeutics for Stanford Children's hospital.  

Dr. Richard Kaszynksi


04/26/2023 at 11:30 AM (EDT)  |  30 minutes
04/26/2023 at 11:30 AM (EDT)  |  30 minutes