Opening Remarks and Introduction

Opening Remarks and Introduction

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In her remarks, Dr. Angela Becerra Vidergar will draw from her experience as a writer, producer, and university instructor to address the need for novel infrastructures to support the sustained growth of new spaces for cultural exploration. She connects lessons learned from teaching the rhetoric of space exploration at Stanford University and ventures in open-source publishing as sandboxes for thinking through the mechanisms that can make or break emerging frontiers such as the Web3 revolution. 

Session Learning Objectives: 

· Define what a Public Good is

· Identify similarities between Public Goods and the nonprofit space

· Understand what philanthropy looks like in Web3

Dr. Angela Becerra Vidergar

Founder and CEO at Cuentista Studio

Dr. Angela Becerra Vidergar is a writer, editor, media producer, and educator with 20+ years of experience telling compelling, powerful stories. She is founder and CEO of the communications consultancy Cuentista Studio, as well as a Lecturer in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University. Angela was born in Colombia, grew up in Texas, found home in the Bay Area, and has traveled and studied around the world. She previously worked as a TV news producer; her degrees include a BA in Journalism and French from Baylor University, an MA in English Literature and Language from St. Mary’s University, and a PhD in Comparative Literature from Stanford University. These experiences have fueled her fascination with language, culture, and communications, especially when it comes to media technology and storytelling. Angela has extensive expertise in written and oral communication across a variety of media and topics, including in the fields of print and television journalism, video production, academic research, podcasting, comics, and more. As a longtime editor, producer, writing teacher, and tutor, she has helped hundreds of creators, students, and researchers make their stories shine. 


04/25/2023 at 11:00 AM (EDT)  |  90 minutes
04/25/2023 at 11:00 AM (EDT)  |  90 minutes