Lassoing Your Leadership: Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Influence & Drive Change

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Ted Lasso, the head coach from the Apple+ Emmy-winning TV series of the same name, has become a cultural phenomenon and a great example of how kind and empathetic leadership has the power to change a team or an organization for the better. Whether you have watched the show or not, this session is for anyone who wants to build their toolkit and think creatively about developing and using emotional intelligence (EQ) at work. 

During this Ted Lasso-themed session, we will discuss how prospect development professionals can develop and grow emotional intelligence, which in turn can help you: 1) build and wield influence within your organization and 2) be a driver of positive change (whether it's implementing new prospect management processes, rolling out new analytics tools, helping to lead campaign planning efforts, etc.). 

Several leadership/change management tools focused on EQ will be reviewed and discussed. 

Emily Walsh

Chief Operating Officer

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Emily Walsh is the COO at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA). Emily joined the world of institutional advancement and fundraising in 2007 after several years in the cultural policy sector in Chicago. She received her second master’s degree in International Peace & Security Studies from the University of Arizona in 2022, her first master's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago in 2006, and her bachelor's degree in Sociology from James Madison University in 2005. Prior to joining CFSA, she worked at both the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona, where she oversaw a variety of functional areas, including Prospect Development, Development Records Quality & Services, Business Intelligence, and Data Governance. Most recently, as a consulting director with BrightVine Solutions, she helped oversee project delivery and ensured that BrightVine's services were in alignment with the needs of the advancement and fundraising industry. Now, as COO of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, she oversees all operational departments, including marketing & communications, events, HR, data/reporting/analysis services, and IT. Through it all, though, her heart is still with prospect development!


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Open to view video. Recorded on 11/02/2022