PD 2020 Professional Growth Bundle

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Purchase this bundle for five educational recordings from the Prospect Development Virtual Experience 2020 around your professional growth and career development. Upon purchase, you will receive access to the following session recordings. Please email info@aprahome.org if you have any additional questions. Sessions include:

  • Measuring Yourself: Metrics for Prospect Research and Management
  • Negotiating Research Requests: Finding a Common Ground for Common Good
  • Prospect Development Driving Campaigns: Are You Ready to Steer?
  • Creating a Prospect Development Road Map
  • Elevating Your Prospect Development Team Profile
  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 09/21/2020

    Effective management requires proper measurement and assessment of both quantity and quality of work produced. Gain understanding that many of the same metrics used to evaluate front-line fundraisers also serve as a metric for prospect management and research. Learn what data points to measure and why will elevate abilities in weaker areas and assist in capitalizing on strengths. Proper metric also highlight those value-added activities prospect management and research bring to your organization.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 09/22/2020

    As prospect development professionals, we are faced with numerous requests for information each day from gift officers, as well as those in leadership positions within our organizations. Some of these are quick data points (e.g., what is my prospect's new business address?), and others are larger in scope (e.g., what is this family's history of giving to the university, and what is the extent of their engagement with us?). Oftentimes, these requests are last-minute in nature, with tight deadlines - and require clarification as far as what exactly the requester needs. This session will provide an overview of interpersonal skills as well as procedural tactics you can use to build or hone a process for negotiating these types of requests within your team.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 09/22/2020

    Following the conclusion of its previous capital campaign, Mount Sinai transformed into a comprehensive health system and grew from one hospital and one medical school into eight hospitals and one medical school. Learn how the Prospect Development team is using insights from the past and different techniques from new staff to structure - and drive - the current $2B campaign.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 09/18/2020

    What would your team do if you could do anything? Do you have big ideas but you don't know how to implement them? In 2018, OSU Prospect Development embarked on a project to rethink how we do our work. We divided the scope of our work into six main categories (Data, Products & Services, Training, Impact & Advocacy, Discovery & Identification, Policy & Rules). We looked at each category to define what we are currently doing, what others in the industry are doing, what we want to be doing, and how we could get to that goal. We encouraged everyone to be innovative, think outside the box, and imagine what we would do if we could do anything. From that exercise we came up with 45 recommendations of ways to change our current work including staffing changes, new products, new partnerships, and new projects, all of which we recommended to leadership and received overwhelming support. Those 45 recommendations encompassed 105 tasks our team would need to undertake over the next 3-4 years. We then mapped each of those tasks to a timeline based on priority and availability of resources to create our road map. We are about a year out from creating that road map and 35% complete with the tasks. We have changed our work significantly in the last 18 months and have become much more effective and efficient with our work. This presentation will focus on the process of creating the road map, how we have implemented the road map so far, and the lessons learned along the way.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 09/21/2020

    The Prospect Development team at the ISU Foundation is involved in key initiatives at many levels of the organization. The team's professional profile is raised when we make presentations to internal boards and committees, advise on new program design, develop new markets, and contribute to interdisciplinary teams. Because we have the skill set and viewpoint to pull broad, disparate pieces of information together, we can assist the organization in making important decisions. This session will discuss how team skill sets have been utilized and elevated and it will make the case for our industry’s role in nonprofit organizations in general. Additionally, we will cover examples of how the ISUF Prospect Development team worked on institutional problems and how individual team members intentionally raise their profile with their peers.